Quarterly RRC Reef Report

In our quarterly Reef Report, Reef Renewal Curaçao updates you on the progress made, new developments, fish tales, and way more. Would you like to be updated, sign up by clicking here.

Volunteer Program

Join Us in the Water Do you have a passion for keeping our ocean colorful and full of life? Have you ever wanted to make a lasting difference in the health of our gorgeous coral reefs? Corals reefs are responsible for providing unique experiences each time you dive, but they need our help. Due to ...

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PADI Coral Restoration Diver Specialty

The PADI Coral Restoration Diver Distinctive Specialty Course includes 2 training dives and classroom sessions to learn all the techniques involved in the reef restoration process. You will participate in all the activities that need to be carried out on the nurseries and on the restoration sites. Dive 1: Conduct nursery and restoration site maintenance. ...

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Discover Reef Renewal Dive

Discover Reef Renewal Dive – Join us on a tour to our nurseries and restoration site and get hands-on experience with nursery maintenance and coral care.  Duration: 0.5 day / 1 dive Includes: Introduction presentation, Tank & Weights, Guided Dive Price & Booking: Enquire directly with our Dive Shop Members about pricing and reservations. Where ...

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